The Book


Not just that I’m in awe of the achievement, but I thought Edward really pulled the reader into the story and told it so warmly and generously.

David Lough, Author and Historian

Edward Lines, Nick Warner, Phil Sutton and Quita Collard, rode 3,000 kilometres through the Andes mountains in Ecuador and Peru. Despite completing the journey in 2009, when the human necessity to travel was unquestioned, Inca Ride was written during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

With much of the world’s population restricted to the confines of their own homes and countries, the deadly virus made the centuries-old possibility of travelling to faraway lands all but impossible. This humorously written tale is a reminder of the transience of travel, its ability to transcend geographical and social boundaries, bringing people together, and for the immaterial riches it bestows.

In addition to the remarkable details of their expedition and relationship with their horses, the book contains illustrated maps of their route, as well as photographs of the people and places they encountered along the way.

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